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Client List

The following is a partial list of some of our current and past clients.

Publishing Clients

Acid Test Productions
American Express Publishing
Atrium Publishers Group
Brain Sync
Chronicle Books
Chronicle Publishing Company
CME, Inc.
Craftsman Books
Export Today Magazine
Future Medicine Publishing
Goldman and Kagan (New Star Media)
HarperCollins, Inc.
HJ Kramer
Krames Communications
Labyrinth Publications
Miller Freeman Books
National Book Network
Nolo Press
New World Library
North-South Books
Publishers Group West
Readerís Subscription Book Club
Science and Behavior Books
Sunset Books
Thames & Hudson
The Thomson Corporation
Van Nordstrand Reinhold
Wadsworth, Inc.
Weldon Owen Publishing Group

Broadcast Clients

Americaís Public Television Stations
California Public Television
Central Indiana Public Broadcasting Consortium
Christian Science Monito
Clear Channel Communications
Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)
Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations (IPBS)
KAKE, Wichita
KCET, Los Angeles
KCTS, Seattle
KOCE Foundation
KRON, San Francisco
KQED, San Francisco
KTCA, Minneapolis
KTOP, Oakland
Louisiana Public Broadcasting
MJI Broadcasting, New York
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Sacramento Cable
Southern California Public Television Alliance (SCPTA)
Trac Media
Telocic (a PTV consortium)
The Classroom Channel (PMN)
WDCN, Nashville
WFYI, Indianapolis
WLAE, New Orleans
WOWT, Omaha
WTBU, Indianapolis
WYES, New Orleans

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Advocacy Press
Alumnae Resources
American Indian Resources Institute
Arte Publico Press
Columbia University Press
Conservation International
Cornell University Press
ERT Publishing
Foreign Policy Association
Island Press
National Security Archives
Pilgrim Press
Princeton University Press
Public Policy Institute of California
Rand Corporation
San Francisco Exploratorium Museum
School for Field Studies
Society for Conservation Biology
Templeton Foundation Press
University of California
University of California Press

Other Business Organizations

Other Business Organizations
Alchemy II
Alpha Cine Labs
Blanchard Training & Development
EarthTime (Hormel Foundation)
Eastman Kodak
First Constitution Financial Corporation
General Communications Corp. of America
McGraw-Hill Training
NK Lawn & Garden Co.
University Associates
Vogue Butterick

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